Pregnancy Clinic

Pregnancy Clinic – Everything you need to know!

Pregnancy Clinic-Everything you need to know!


A pregnancy clinic is a place that you can visit, if you have had an unwanted pregnancy and feel that you need to talk to someone.  If you have the following signs and symptoms then a visit to the pregnancy clinic is a must.


In here we are going to discuss mainly about following things;

  • What should you know before going to the pregnancy clinic
  • A nutrition overview for a pregnant woman
  • Crucial facts about free pregnancy clinic that will blow your mind!
  • Services that are offered by the Pregnancy Care Clinic


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01. Before going to the pregnancy clinic…


First of all, track whether you have a few or the all the symptoms from the following bunch of symptoms.

  • Missing a period
  • Nausea
  • Tenderness in breasts
  • Frequency in urination
  • Feeling unusually tired
  • Moody blues

If it is an unplanned pregnancy and you are scared and do not know what to do.  In such a situation, the pregnancy clinic will help and guide and counsel you. Most of the times; you will feel overwhelmed and scared. But, the health professionals will ease your mind and give you several practical options to think about and make a decision of your choice. So, you may want to visit the pregnancy clinic. Not everyone experiences these signs. That is why; it is wiser to consult a qualified health professional, Gynecologist or a physician at the pregnancy clinic.


Key services of the pregnancy center

All the following services are provided free of charge.

  • Abortion information
  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Test
  • Counseling
  • parenting classes preparing you for adoption


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The pregnancy clinic will help you decide on available options. They will help answer your fears of an unwanted pregnancy. These health officials will help you out to make up your mind whether you want to adopt, abort or be a parent. If you are planning to give for adoption, this has to be very carefully thought off. Some of the options you can choose for adoption is you can choose whom your baby go to. You chose the agency or orphanage. Furthermore; you can chose whether you want to have an open or closed adoption.


In an unexpected pregnancy there are some women who still want to bring up the baby after birth. It is an overwhelming thought but the Pregnancy Resource Centre is there to help you out.

You can make an appointment with the pregnancy clinic and find out whether you are pregnant, how far the pregnancy has developed etc. The Pregnancy Clinic will schedule your appointment for an accurate pregnancy test and ultra sound scan to confirm how far you are in your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Resource Centre

The Pregnancy Resource Centre is free.  These services are offered in a comfortable as well as a confidential environment by professional health workers who have been specialized in pregnancy and other pregnancy related matters. It is a place where health workers counsel pregnant women against having an abortion. These Resource Centers provide counseling against abortion, pregnancy and child birth. They also offer pregnancy tests and sonograms and test for other transmitted infections and parenting classes.


The general services which are offered by Pregnancy Resource Center are the pregnancy test, ultra sound examination, counseling, STI/STD information etc.  If it is your first time the pregnancy Resource Centre will first have a talk with you with a trained health professional.

For those who have had a miscarriage or abortion. There are special sessions of counseling on support education and encouragement grief and anger.

If you are thinking of adopting a child the Pregnancy Resource Center will give you all options and avenues of choice for you to make the best choice or decision for yourself and your child.  There is help for those who feel overwhelmed and scary. At the Pregnancy Resource Center professional health workers will put your mind at ease and rest.

If you feel that you are pregnant go visit the Pregnancy Resource Center.  This is a place where you will get free and confidential services in a caring atmosphere by health staff that specializes in pregnancy and other health related issues.

Prenatal Clinic - Ultrasound Pregnancy Test
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02. A nutrition overview for a pregnant woman


At the pregnancy clinic, you will be subject to various programs and talks as regards your pregnancy.  One of the main topics will be how you maintain your good health and eating a healthy wholesome yet proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs, both to give you the necessary key vitamins that are needed for the growth of the baby.

It is best that you get your vitamins and minerals naturally from the food you take rather than using supplements.  Too much vitamin supplements can be harmful to your baby, so try and take the necessary vitamins in plenty of greens and vegetables and other foods like lean meat fish, etc.  Avoid taking vitamin A as this could harm your baby.  Eating healthy is very important for both mother and baby.  Here are some of the important vitamins that you should have in your daily intake of food or vitamin supplements.


02. A nutrition overview for a pregnant woman - Pregnancy Clinic
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The importance of iron intake during pregnancy-Pregnancy clinic

Iron is important to help build and maintain a woman’s iron stores.  Low levels of iron can lead to premature birth and low birth weight of the baby, so it is important that your iron level is at the correct levels.  Take a mixed diet of meat and plant foods which will help achieve your iron intake.  Red meat is the best source that you can include in your meals as it is rich in protein and zinc.  Take lots of leafy fresh vegetables as these also contain iron.

The pregnancy clinic will ask you to cut down on drinking tea and coffee; instead, opt to have a glass of blended vegetable greens in the mornings or fruit juice which is rich in vitamin C.  Vitamin B is good for growth and development and helps prevent birth defects in the baby such as spine Bifida.

Why seafood is great during the period of pregnancy?

Seafood is good to have as it is full of iodine which is a needed mineral in the development of a baby.  It is an essential part of the thyroid hormone which regulates the body temperature,  metabolic rate,,  reproduction, growth, blood cells, nerve, and muscle function.  Thyroid hormone is produced in the thyroid gland which is located in the neck.  Iodine deficiency can cause learning disabilities and affect the development of motor skills and hearing.  Be sure to speak to your health care provider when taking any iodine supplements if you do have a pre-existing thyroid condition.

The amazing role played by zinc- Ask from the pregnancy clinic

Taking zinc helps maintain and regulate gene expression, so it is important to get enough zinc for cell growth that occurs during pregnancy.  Zinc can be found in lean meat wholegrain cereals, milk, seafood, and nuts.

Why does vitamin D essential for a pregnant woman?

Vitamin D is another important supplement to help keep bones healthy and provide your baby with the vitamins needed for its growth.  Moreover; this essential vitamin is responsible for the regulation of the amount of calcium as well as phosphate in the body.  These help keep bones and teeth healthy.  Too little of vitamin D can cause children’s bones to become soft and can lead to rickets that affects bone development in children.

Vitamin C is also a must-have vitamin!

Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen which is important in blood vessels.  It can also improve the absorption of iron from your body.  Including fruits and vegetables in your diet is a good source of vitamin C.

Calcium is essential in many ways!

Calcium is vital for making the baby’s bones and teeth. Dairy products, as well as fish varieties with edible bones such as sardines, are loaded with calcium.  Cereals, dried fruit such as figs and apricots bread almonds and green leafy vegetables such as watercress broccoli and are a good rich source of Calcium.

Do not forget fiber-rich foods!

Remember a high fiber intake combined with lots of fluid is encouraged to help prevent constipation. Wholegrain bread and cereal products, nuts vegetables and fruit are a good source of fiber.

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03. Crucial facts about free pregnancy clinic that will blow your mind!


There are many free pregnancy clinics set up all over the world. You can find one at your nearest home. The Free Pregnancy Clinics exists for women and teenagers who have unexpected pregnancies. These clinics are all free of charge and offer several services to women and men. A Pregnancy Clinic is a non- profit, non-judgmental organization. They are committed to providing you with compassion hope and above all help that you so desperately need in your situation when you are scared and have no other place to go to.


Now, if you hope to give up your baby for adoption, the pregnancy clinic will provide assistance on how to create s positive situation for you and your baby. They will give you the options.

It is up to you to choose!

How to deal with a free pregnancy clinic?


First of all you must be sure that you are pregnant. For that the pregnancy clinic will test you with a free Pregnancy test in order to make sure whether the pregnancy is viable or not. After that you can discuss with your health care provider on what you should do.


You may feel lost and alone in the world, but the free pregnancy clinic is there to help.  The clinic will help answer any questions you may have.

Doctor and pregnant women at pregnancy clinic
doctor listen the tummy of a pregnant woman using the stethoscope


A few of the burning questions you need answered:

Can I suspect that I am pregnant even though I get a negative result?

For a positive yes!

Then you have to do a hormone test as there needs to be a certain concentration of hormone present in order to register that it is a positive result.


How can I be sure of the result?

The free pregnancy clinic will do a urine test which will be 97% accurate. This will confirm whether you have been conceived or not.


Should I give up my baby for adoption or be a single parent?

That is totally up to you!

If you are not in a stable or financial position to bring up the baby you can consider for adoption. The pregnancy clinic will go through with you several options on being a single mother, parenting etc. You can marry the baby’s father

Or if that is not possible then you will have to make plans to give for adoption.


How far in my pregnancy have I got to come to the pregnancy clinic?

These clinics are open and welcome throughout your pregnancy period.


Can a free pregnancy clinic help you out  if you happen to decide to keep the baby?


The Pregnancy Clinic will help you out in the many Mothers’ programs they have in their clinic. You have to enroll to be able to receive the help that is given from these clinics.


Will I get material assistance if I have already had the baby? Will these clinics helpful in such a situation?

The answer for this question depends on your country!

Yes, there will be some form of help. But, keep in your mind thoroughly that you have to visit the pregnancy clinic with your baby and baby’s birth certificate in order to enroll and receive such benefits.


Services that are offered by the Pregnancy Care Clinic


Help, hope, Compassion awaits you at the Pregnancy Care Center.  This is a Center for those women who are broken and lost.  The Pregnancy Clinic will reach out to you in your time of need.

pregnant woman consulting in pregnancy clinic
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Pregnancy options

If you had not planned for this Pregnancy or it is an unexpected one, then there are three options you could choose from after careful consideration and counseling from a pregnancy care center. One important point that we would like to highlight here is that the ultimate choice is yours.

You can select one of the 3 options given below.

  • Parenting
  • Adoption
  • Abortion

Parenting can be very daunting and scary but at the same time truly rewarding if you take our lessons on parenting.

Adoption is a last resort if you do not have the means job or you are a single parent.

Abortion has to be thought of very carefully. Do you really want this to be done? It concerns surgery and it has ups and downs as later having feelings of anger and remorse.

Think carefully and you are the judge when making an important decision.

You can be rest assured that strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout your pregnancy.

So, go for these as they offer almost everything for free of charge. These clinics give accurate information and the support you so long for and deserve. Moreover; they are not judgmental. We are here to listen to your woes and concerns.


Other tests done by the Pregnancy Clinic:

STD testing

The Pregnancy Care Centre offers STD testing for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. If you are coming to take a pregnancy test, this test too will be offered to you.


Mentoring and Caring 

Professionals at the pregnancy care clinic along with our professional health workers and professionals are trained to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Furthermore; these clinics will provide you with respect and truthfulness and hope.  Every person will feel informed and stronger for having been here.

Measuring the pressure of a pregnant woman at pregnancy clinic
Measuring the pressure of a pregnant woman at home

Case management 

In addition to your unplanned pregnancy, you might experience homelessness, anxiety, unsafe living conditions, sexual assault, unemployment, need for education, substance abuse, mental health issues, legal issues and basic needs. The Pregnancy Clinic will give you professional help for you to access and create a different future for you and your family.


Educational Classes

These centers will offer you with educational classes. The health professionals at these centers are well-equipped with years of experience to help you out. Parental care, childbirth, breastfeeding, new born baby care, a happy Relationship and spiritual well being for your health and happiness.

You can learn a lot from their weekly-basis or monthly-basis classes.

The pregnancy clinic will provide you with the following lessons.  Be sure to attend them on your Clinic days.

These lessons will be divided into several three categories.

1st Category

  • Parenting,
  • Having meals for two
  • Going it alone,
  • Your developing baby
  • What is safe and what is not
  • Bonding with your Baby


2nd Category

  • Your baby’s world
  • Reducing the risk of SIDS Infant temperament
  • Infant massage
  • Newborn care
  • Crying Colic and Sleeping


3rd Category

  • Your baby’s development
  • Preventing child sexual abuse
  • The first years last forever
  • Parent child relationship
  • Learning to talk
  • Breastfeeding
  • Car seat safety
  • Your baby can’t sleep
  • Quality child care
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Post partum
  • Toilet training
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Emergency
  • First Aid
  • Discipline- Teaching limits with love
  • Growth


All these and more will be given at the pregnancy care center, if you decide on parenting your baby.

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