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Chin acne – causes and way to cure- All you need to know!

Acnes on chin as well as jaw line area is a ordinary scenario for people, especially for woman.  These acnes occurring area is called as hormonal belt, where all changes of hormones happen at you is indicated using this area.  Chin is very susceptible to acnes. The worst part of this is that, sometimes you have to tolerate a painful situation. This situation may shrink one’s confidence, because chin is one of a most eye contacting part of a human. And, this directly effect on your reflecting beauty to outer society. Also, these cause to mental illness due to over thinking about your appearance. To overcome these burdens, let us discuss about chin acne and measures for overcoming the situation.

Meaning of chin acne and its causes?

Acnes are occurred due to a reason or combinations of several reasons. Those reasons have identified as imbalances of hormones in your body, presence of dandruff, skin oiliness or blocked dermal pores. It is better to find the actual reason for acnes before it becomes an outbreak. Not as usual acne, chine acne is special. Because, acne on chin meaning most probably you are suffering from a imbalance of hormones. The lower third of one’s face, (mainly in women) is highly responsive for hormones. It means, if there is any imbalances of hormones in your body, chin, jaw line and sometimes neck act as a showcase to show your problem to outer world, as pimples or acnes.

What causes chin acne is basically refers to hormone known as androgens. These hormones include testosterone, to show and develop male characteristics. Chin area is composed of a high number of hair follicles. Cortisol and Estrogen are hormones which increase the production of testosterone. This increase high oil production in hair follicles situated at chin area. Then; this enhanced oil production invites the acne causing microbes, which are mainly bacteria. These pathogenic bacteria stimulate their growth and spreading rapidly around the chin area. Consequently; this encourages gathering bacteria on pores of skin and it becomes clogging in pores.

Sometimes, women have to face high number of acnes about 2 weeks before to their periods. Hormonal change prior to periods makes open the glands of oil secrete of the face around chin. This initiates the pathogenic acne bacteria to come and resident in pores of skin and then to progress in to have acne around mouth and chin.

If you are facing to a stressful condition, it leads to have acnes most of the times. And also, few food items such as chocolates, soy, some seeds and nuts make problems to your skin by increasing oil production and directs to causing acnes.

Treatments for chin acnes

Let us discuss on how to get rid of chin acne.

Doctors prescribe hormone therapy (such as anti-androgen drugs to decrease androgen production) and antibiotic drugs as a treatment to acnes on chin area. But, this is not the permanent solution. Those oral antibiotics aims on pathogenic bacteria and it decrease its growth and kill them. Then; the inflammation stops. But, answer may be limited to drug taking time and until the drug strength is prevailing with your body. After that the pathogens may immerse again to have acnes. But, a combined treatment, not only antibiotic drugs, but also change in life style and consuming natural products have a long term effect on curing acnes.

There are several routines that you have to avoid such as touching your chin and acnes, squeezing, damaging and scratching your face. It is normal, if you are in a deep thought, you automatically touch chin and start to squeeze them. Sometimes, dust particles which remain in your hand may contact with acnes and make triple your troubles. Before taking a call, you have to make sure to wipe the phone as it contacts with your face. If you are using make up, please make sure to minimize the usage or move to a water-based make up. The male hormone level in your body (in women) can go up due to overweight. So, you have to maintain your weight at right state.


Finally; we would like to emphasize you all that the chin is a susceptible area for acnes, called as chin acne. There are several causes, which are controllable or non-controllable to have acnes. Treating for acnes can be overcome with synthetic drugs, natural drugs or life style changes. A bunch of foods such as probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and lentils are good to minimize acnes. Home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, tomato, Aloe Vera, cinnamon, honey and citrus act as natural home-based remedies for skin acnes. You can use home remedies such garlic, honey, cinnamon to reduce your weight too. We know how much it is painful of having acnes, not only physically but also mentally. That is because, you may be back forward, as it directly affects to your beauty. It is upon to you, to spot on causes for acnes on chin and lead to cure it.

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